Star wars fanfiction anakin panic attack

He sighed, grasping her forearms gently, ducking to meet her gaze. Satine bit her lip, only looking at him when he squeezed her forearms gently.

She doesn't know you but she is letting you stay here - you have no idea how much this means. Obi-Wan leaned his brow against hers, then pressed a kiss to her brow. She smiled a little, and together they stepped away from the bannister. Her cousin - Lucias, that was his name - gave a smile and stepped to the door.

He knocked a moment, then pressed palmed the door open. It was a beautiful apartment, marked with golds and blue and whites. There were bookshelves high with flimsi novels, tapestries depicting battles between Jedi and Mandalorians, high windows with heavy good drapes. The conversation between five women ceased when they stepped in. All the women looked eerily similar - sharp eyes, high cheekbones, graying and white hair tied in various styles of braid.

They watched with blue and gray eyes, fingers stilling on the needlework in their laps. Obi-Wan walked a step behind Satine, feeling a bit of sweat trickle down his spine. He watched the much younger cousin walk to a different woman, realizing Lucias and Satine didn't share a grandmother. Satine sat on the unoccupied sofa, not making a move to embrace any of her relatives.

He sat next to her hesitantly, about to sit away from her before thinking better of it and sitting thigh-to-thigh. A purple butterfly, flying in front of a rainbow. Obi-Wan cleared his throat, bringing the attention to himself.

star wars fanfiction anakin panic attack

Never had he felt the need to shrink so small, though he remained sitting uptight, Satine's hand covering his own. The grandmother cracked a smile, and leaned forward, pushing the plate of breakfast cookies and bowls of fruits towards them. The days - once the initial interrogation was over - passed slowly.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Anakin Redeemed. Focus: Movies Star Wars, Since: Anakin either does not turn to the dark side or survives his redemption, and Padme survives or is brought back somehow.

star wars fanfiction anakin panic attack

The stories are primarily about this event, and the backstory is reasonably close to canon i. Completed stories only. No songfics. No Mary Sues. No script copies. For Family by Nanuk reviews What if Vader, wanting to be with his son again, had taken a very different approach after Luke escapes him at Bespin? How far would he go to regain what he has lost? Brothers in all but blood by Kheyra Amidala Skywalker reviews In Mustafar's lava hills, Obi-Wan knows that to strike Anakin down will burn his own heart to ash, but he is willing to do what he must.

Or so he believes. When he finds out that he is unable to fight Anakin, he turns off his lightsaber and chooses a much more deadly weapon: words.

With unexpected consequences. His secret wife, Padme, soon goes into labor. Will Anakin have to choose between the Jedi and his family? The night following Anakin's meeting with Palpatine at the ballet, Sam jumps into Anakin to save him from turning to the Dark Side. AU for both series. Quantum Leap time conflict explained in story. The Legacy by sohna reviews The AU story of a very different attack on the temple, told from the point of view of a dead padawan's mother.

Anakin does not turn in this story. Ambient Dreams by sohna reviews Sometime following his dream of Padme dying, Anakin has another dream that shows him what will happen if he turns to the Dark Side. EU not respected except for Jedi Apprentice. AU angst. Anakin and Padme have their hands full with seven children, and all the challenges that come along with parenthood.

There they'll meet up with the loveable characters of Episode 2. Checkmate by Poet reviews Master Windu has violently overthrown the Jedi Council and has seize control of the Order. Now it's up to Anakin Skywalker to regain control of the Order but somebody is not playing by the rules and is threating the existence of the Jedi Order.

The Edge of Blackness by Poet reviews Anakin takes a dangerous gamble with his life to get out of his pain. However Anakin gambled wrong and spent a month in a coma. Now he must rebuild his life again.

Full summary of the story in Chap1. This story is now done! Fixing A Hole by seirios aster reviews The only thing worse than getting stuck in the past is getting stuck in the past and having to follow your father who happens to dislike you around.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. AU-Canon Divergence where Anakin is not such a deadbeat grandfather.

Pun definitely intended. He's got a plan on how to save Ben, and this time, nothing is going to stop him.

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Hint it involves a certain desert scavenger. Han Solo lives! Series rewrite. Anakin makes a different choice in the chancellor's office, and our heroes get the happy ending they deserve. When Ares of Serenno wakes up with fresh wounds and painful memories on an empty ship hurtling through hyperspace, he has a mind for one thing: patricide.

To get it, he must align with the enemy of his enemy, The Jedi Order. After Ahsoka Tano was wrongly accused of bombing the Jedi Temple, Anakin Skywalker made it a mission to prove her innocence.

He couldn't stand by and watch her waste her years in prison, or even worse face death.

Problems arise that not just one of them can fix. They need each other.

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Especially with a dark future looming over their heads. After years of waiting, Anakin is a seventh year, and realizes that his old childhood crush is now his Professor.

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On a solo mission for the Rebellion, Rex accidentally blows up an Imperial factory. And then he accidentally meets two annoying kids who help him escape.

star wars fanfiction anakin panic attack

The th love their General, really they do, but so many times has this man nearly given them a heart attack. These are oneshots about Obi-Wan and the th being a family and just pure pain, but with love. Some oneshots with Obi-Wan and others. When Anakin presents as the first Alpha in the Jedi order since a thousand years, Obi-Wan knows it won't be easy to keep him as his Padawan, espacially not because he is an Omega.

But Obi-Wan is determined to make it work against all odds. Jango Fett cannot save all his clones, but he can save five. He can save five, if he's willing to entrust them to the Jedi. Not just any Jedi, though.


One who has already defied their Code for a child. One who knows Mandalorian culture. It is worth it, to save five innocent lives. He had no way of knowing it would change the galaxy and throw the proverbial spanner in one Sith Lord's plans.

After the Jedi have been forced into hiding by order sixty six, they must find a way to liberate the galaxy from the tyrannical reign of the Sith. Multitude de chronologies et de personnages. He had died fighting, as a clone should, fighting to give the galaxy a peace that he had only found in death. Ahsoka and Ezra both jumped through separate portals to escape Sidious in the world between worlds. Instead of ending up in the Temple, where she had fought Vader, Ahsoka has a vision.

When the vision is over and all is clear, she wakes up on a Mandalorian ship that's currently on its way to meet Generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to discuss the welfare of Mandalore and the possible capture of Darth Maul.Anakin looked around the fifth commons of the warship, he couldn't find his padawan anywhere. He reached out with the Force, huffing in frustration when he couldn't sense her. He cleared his mind and tried again, only to still not be able to get her location.

Call your master! He waited patiently, folding his arms over his chest in a show of impatient agitation. All of Anakin's irritation vanished, as he ran through the corridors, finally stopping at the door to the Jedi quarters, to catch his breath, before unlocking and opening the door. Ahsoka sighed in defeat, knowing this was a battle she would not win. She walked over to the most comfortable couch, collapsed heavily on it, and used the Force to weakly pull a blanket to her from her room.

Anakin rolled his eyes, before snatching the blanket out of the air and walked to the couch himself. He sat down beside her, put a pillow on his lap, and patted the pillow for her to lay down. Ahsoka curled up against him, snuggling deeper as he laid the blanket over her. She lay quietly for a while, raising an eyebrow sleepily, as her master had a bin pulled to them and put on the ground in front of her, in case she felt sick again.

She smiled, just before dozing off and falling into a deep sleep. She slept soundly for 3 hours, before waking up with a jolt. She was vaguely aware of Anakin sleeping soundly, as she grabbed the bin quickly and put it in her lap. Anakin woke up at the sudden movement and rubbed her sweat drenched back. Ahsoka didn't have a chance to answer him, as she heaved violently back to back. When she stopped, left wheezing softly, as she tried to catch her breath again. When he returned, she was sound asleep, but had left him room to sleep beside her or keep her company.

He smiled, realizing just how overly tired he felt. He sat down on the couch, falling asleep almost as soon as he was comfortable. Ahsoka woke up about 3 hours later, feeling tons better, except odd waves of nausea that washed over her. She felt it ease, before coming back, at the same time as Anakin shifted in his sleep. You okay, skyguy? She grabbed the bin quickly, earning an odd look, and put it in her master's lap.

Anakin looked at her in confusion, as there was a knock at their door, preventing him from questioning her. Commander Cody walked into their quarters, stopped just inside the door, before relaxing his stance slightly. Anakin frowned in confusion, finally noticing his stomach was churning aggressively. He lurched forward and retched into the bin, before he could say a word.

Cody immediately got on his comlink. They are unwell. He could hear Anakin retching and finally vomiting, as he retreated. She didn't like how harshly he was vomiting and dry heaving, since she was worried that he would hurt himself or tear something.

Each round of vomit more aggressive and harsh than the last one.Phoenix: Sorry I have updated in ages! Next week I'm going garage saleing and I have book bash… For you little children out there, being in 8th grade and juggling Fan Fiction isn't easy, but I'll work harder on it!

I promise! Phoenix: Yes! I almost forgot acknowledgements! I love you all! Everything was pitch black, the kind of darkness that makes you shiver not from the cold, but from fear. Luke tried to move, but it was like someone was holding him down.

Suddenly, the young Jedi saw Leia. She looked close to hysterics, and was yelling at some rebellion leaders for "not notifying her immediately", leaving Luke wonder what that was supposed to mean. That's when he remembered the situation he happened to be in. The blue light, a huge- but gorgeous- city, Obi-wan, meeting his father before everything went downhill… Luke tried to tell her that he was okay and not kidnapped, robbed, or worse, but when his lips moved, no sound came out.

He frowned and tried again; still nothing. Slowly, Leia started to fade. Don't leave me! I need your help Leia Moments later, he slowly broke out of the trance he had unknowingly put himself into. Anakin Skywalker, looking surprised and worried, was looming over him. Now his father looked even more worried. When I came in, you were on the floor, holding your head.

Then you went into some kind of Force-induced coma. I was just about to call a medic when you woke up.

Actually, I'm still going to call a medic. Luke shook his head so hard, he felt dizzy.

Across The Stars ~ Anakin and Jillian Tribute *Star Wars*

Whatever that was, it went away. If it comes back, I'll go in there myself, but for now…" he trailed off. I'll go to sleep now, if you don't mind. It has been a very long day. Anakin held out a hand to help Luke up. The younger grabbed it gratefully and pulled himself up, nodding his thanks to the other man as he did so. Before Luke could head off to bed though, Anakin had a question for him. You kept on muttering her name when you passed out and you looked a bit worried about her.

Luke sighed.I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far! Obi-Wan sat in his room, head in his hands as he processed Anakin's words. For a Jedi known for his intelligence, he truly was such an idiot. He should have just asked Anakin what was going on, rather than make assumptions and leave at the first sign of trouble.

Force knows he owed his former Padawan at least that much. After everything he had been through, it made sense that he would continue to struggle with the after effects for some time, and the last thing he had needed was for his Master to go running off as soon as things got difficult. He had an overwhelming urge to go and apologize until Anakin forgave him, but if he knew anything about the other man, he was certain it would be quite some time before Anakin was willing to listen to anything he had to say.

The thought of apologizing at this moment out of the question, he found his mind drifted to the scene he had witnessed at the bar, and suddenly Anakin's seemingly odd actions made sense. The other Jedi was strong, he would naturally think his aversion to be touched a new weakness, and if he knew anything about Anakin, it was that the boy would do whatever it took to rid himself of any perceived weakness. Including putting himself in terrible situations, that most likely would do more harm than good.

The thought of that woman's hands on Anakin made him want to punch something, a very unusual emotion from him, and something that further drove home the point that his feelings for Anakin truly were changing him as a Jedi. Anakin drank from his hidden bottle of whiskey, determined to keep his buzz going. His emotions were raging all over the place after his confrontation with Obi-Wan.

He felt trapped in his own skin, everything that he had been put through flashing through his mind. He was angry, angry that he had allowed himself to be captured by Falik, and that he was too fucking weak to escape the bastard.

He was ashamed, humiliated at just what had been done to him, and what he had allowed to be done to him. But most of all, he was hurt that Obi-Wan would think that their time together meant so little to him, that his Master had just left rather than talk to him about what he saw. With an angry curse, he threw the bottle across the room, gleaming little satisfaction as it shattered against the wall.

The fear, pain, and anger that he had been through rushed through him and he felt as his heart pounded in his chest. He suddenly found it difficult to breath, and after a couple seconds of struggling, he found himself desperate to pull in air through his lungs.

I am going to die. He thought frantically as he fell to his knees, terrified for no good reason. With more effort than it should have required, Anakin stumbled out of his room and into the main dinning area, desperate to make it outside so he could just get some air into his lungs. As he raced towards the door he bumped into a side table that held a gigantic vase with fresh cut flowers, and he watched as the whole thing fell to the floor and shattered in a million pieces, and didn't that just sum up how he was feeling?

The sound of the vase had the others running from their rooms, looking confused when all they saw was Anakin standing in the middle of the room. Ignoring them, he rushed past their stares and outside, but even as the cool night air enveloped him, the panic continued.

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Anakin continued to gasp, desperate for air. A knowing look crossed his Master's face, and then he was stepping closer and wrapping his arms around Anakin, he ignored the efforts Anakin was making to shove him away.

star wars fanfiction anakin panic attack

Instead he just pulled the younger Jedi closer, bringing them chest to chest, hip to hip. He rubbed Anakin's back while speaking soothing words into his ear. You're safe, Anakin. Anakin didn't say anything, just did his best to match his Master's breathing. He wasn't sure how long the two of them stood embraced outside, but slowly Anakin felt his panic begin to subside, his breathing even out.

Even though he was still furious with Obi-Wan, he stayed in his Master's arms for a few minutes longer than he knew was necessary, afraid that the second he left the older man's arms the feeling of terror would once again take over.It hadn't happened in several months, at least to his knowledge.

It probably had, actually, but Anakin had become so distant relying on a certain Senator from Naboo and the creep-tastic Chancellor. Obi-Wan pushed through the camp, the clones parting like a sea when they saw their general - General of the Third Systems Army - stride past them.

It was rare he worked with anyone but the st and the th. To have so many contingencies on one planet was disorienting. He knew from experience that giving an injection to his padawan to calm him down was a recipe for disaster. Anakin was pale, huddled into a corner, sweat dampening his hair and his eyes closed. There was a bucket between his legs, the smell of vomit rising from it. His eyes were closed, fingers tightening and loosening repetitively on the edges of the bucket.

Obi-Wan glanced between the exhausted medic who probably had better things to do and his panicking padawan. Obi-Wan turned his attention to his padawan - always his padawan - and raised his eyebrows gently.

Anakin groaned, burying his head in his hands. His breath was still shaking and a sniff was barely heard. Obi-Wan gestured to the medic to leave, knowing he could handle this. Their mutual padawan had never been in the equation during the last panic attacks. He made himself comfortable on the mat covered floor, looking Anakin over.

Or some anti-anxiety - ". Anakin sighed, dragging a hand through his hair. What if It hits her heart and not her arm? Obi-Wan scooted closer to his padawan, resting side by side while both their fears calmed down and they could see their mutual padawan when she was released from the inner workings of the medical tent. Author's note: another thing I tossed on Tumblr awhile ago and I needed to share this here.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Chronic Illness. Mental Health. In a Galaxy Far Far Away, these still exist. Why wouldn't they? It's not like these occurrences are muffled by society in any way Panic Attack It hadn't happened in several months, at least to his knowledge. No shitObi-Wan thought while he hurried to medical.

His former padawan was always a whirlwind in the Force. Right now it felt like a hurricane.